Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bach Elgar Presents Haydn's "Creation"

On Saturday May 3rd, 2008 the Bach Elgar Choir will be presenting Haydn's Creation. If you happen to be in Hamilton, Ontario please come along and enjoy some fabulous music. Renouwned Artistic Director Howard Dyck (CBC Radio 2) will be directing the Bach Elgar as well as the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and soloists Charlene Pauls, Mark Dubois and Bruce Kelly. When this work debuted in 1799, it reached heights of popularity known only to Handel's Messiah.

The concert is taking place at Melrose United Church, Hamilton, Ontario. Tickets can be purchsed at the door; Adults $30, Seniors $25 and Students $15. For more information please visit the Bach Elgar website at

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So I have been in love with blankets since I can remember. Actually...I think that I have been in love with cuddling with blankets . At any rate, I find myself drawn to any blanket. And now seems to be the time when everyone I know is having a baby and what is better than a knitted blanket just for the new baby?

So I found this blanket while trolling the Craftster site made by Farrah. To see her post follow this link

I love this blanket! It is such a kid thing! Swirly, comfy and cool to look at. And you knit it in parts which is great for me because i tend to get bored knitting the same one large piece for a long time. So this is on my list of things to make for upcomming babies.