Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Elusive Laptop Bag

So i purchased a laptop for school, and lets be real, other fun stuff. But it's huge and kind of hard to transport. So i have been looking for a laptop bag and you think that would be easy right? Apparently not. Having a 17" laptop is apparently a rare case as they do not make many laptop bags and sleeves for them. But they do make a lot of skins. Back to the story. So i was looking online for a pattern for a bag, because although i can knit and possibly design a knit piece, i am a total virgin at sewing. So i finally found a cute pattern on Burda style posted by Jocole. It's cute and tough and looks like i can enlarge it for my groosly enlarged laptop. So here's the link and the pic of the bag.

The website is pretty cool and have a lot of projects that i want to do but most likely will not get a chance to do. I can still dream though right? I'll post the bag as it gets going.

Friday, June 13, 2008

SNB Big Bad Baby Blanket

So i have finally finished the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the Stitch N Bitch knitters handbook last week and i love it! It is my first blanket that i have knit and i am very proud of it. The wool is an acrylic blend in a soft yellow that is nice and cuddly. i knit it with two strands together as the pattern said and i realise that i like knitting with two strands alot, it seems to give the piece a little more unph, and it makes blankets alot more snuggly. My husband caught me snuggling with it a number of times and just laughed at me. so the baby gets the blanket this weekend, although it is like 30 degrees outside. Whatever, babies always need blankets. Onto the pics!

A detail that you can not really make out thanks to the lighting of the apartment, my bad.

The obligatory blanket in action being draped over the papasan chair.
Thanks for looking.