Thursday, May 1, 2008


When i was little, my grandfather and great uncle made a tree house for my little brother and i and our friends up at the cottage. But alas, it had to be torn down due to structural badness. So my husband Graeme and i decided that we should design and construct a new one for my new little cousing Harry. He's 2 and by the time we get ourselves organized and actually building the thing, he may be able to use it! As an architecture student, this project is totally exciting considering i spend most of the day in the office at a computer rather than creating my own work. I'll get to test out some ideas and see what works.

As a fan of Star Wars i really do want an Ewok city like this;
and have rope bridges to connect them, but i don't think the family will let me make our cottage into an Ewok haven. So i'll keep you posted about treehouse design, i'm sure it's going to be interesting!

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