Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Elusive Laptop Bag

So i purchased a laptop for school, and lets be real, other fun stuff. But it's huge and kind of hard to transport. So i have been looking for a laptop bag and you think that would be easy right? Apparently not. Having a 17" laptop is apparently a rare case as they do not make many laptop bags and sleeves for them. But they do make a lot of skins. Back to the story. So i was looking online for a pattern for a bag, because although i can knit and possibly design a knit piece, i am a total virgin at sewing. So i finally found a cute pattern on Burda style posted by Jocole. It's cute and tough and looks like i can enlarge it for my groosly enlarged laptop. So here's the link and the pic of the bag.

The website is pretty cool and have a lot of projects that i want to do but most likely will not get a chance to do. I can still dream though right? I'll post the bag as it gets going.

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